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Do you have a plan to boost your bottom line this autumn?

As the summer holidays draw to an end, there’s a definite sense of starting afresh. The lazy days of August are almost gone, the summer slowdown is nearly over, and you’re itching to get your business back into gear. It’s like New Year, but without the dark mornings and dieting!

September is a fantastic time to look ahead and create a plan to boost revenue, drive growth, and make the most of what’s left of 2019. A good accountant will be able to help you with this planning process. For starters, based on our experience supporting clients with their strategic planning, here are a few common areas to look at:

• Firm up your pipeline. Many projects understandably go on the backburner during the summer. But, just as you’re getting back into the swing of things, so too are your clients. Chase up those quotes that you haven’t heard back on – and you may find your timing is perfect.

• Review your resource. Do you have the right skills, capacity and resource to drive success this autumn? If not, where are your skills gaps and how do you plan to fill them?

• Evaluate your suppliers. Don’t assume the suppliers you use now are the ones you should always use. Markets change, businesses evolve, and new solutions enter the market all the time, so don’t be shy about searching for more cost-effective options.

• Plan your time as the business owner. What do you want to do more of over the next few months? What’s the best use of your time at this stage in your business’s lifecycle? Are there less-valuable tasks that you could delegate to others in your team?

• Create a simple one-page plan. Having identified what you want to achieve this autumn, get those goals down on paper. It’s your commitment to making your business fit for the future, and is something you can refer back to easily over the coming months.

At Jupp Castle, we’re not just award-winning accountants; we’re a small business too. We understand the typical challenges and pressures small business owners face. That’s why our fixed-price accounting packages include unlimited calls and emails – so you know we’re on hand as you put your plan into action. It’s just one of the benefits of working with us. Discover more.

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